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About Luxe Fashion Blog

Welcome to a FASHION & LUXURY STORE, full of original products from more than 120 INTERNATIONAL BRANDS. We offer more than 5000 products, with new arrivals daily. 

All products come from Italy and are shipped with express shipping to Europe, Russia, North America & some other amazing places. 


My Mission & Success Story

I am Laura Brunereau, fashion businesswoman, branding expert, online marketer & digital nomad.

I owe and direct two fashion online companies, which I manage from anywhere I want around the globe. Love everything with trends, travel, cooking and online business growth.

Having achieved financial freedom by myself and a lovely balanced lifestyle, I am now sharing and teaching with others how to achieve the same results. 

My mission is to empower women around the world. Helping them build economic freedom in the fashion industry, through online branding & business growth.

My Dream Project

Luxury Ambassadors Community is my new project. I want to share with others how to achieve the same success and freedom. Guiding & motivating influencers to finally achieve their goals, making also their dreams come true. And why not, discovering amazing fashion & luxurious products on the way there.

I am partnering in LUXE FASHION BLOG with amazing Italian luxury & fashion distributors. I became certified retailer of luxury brands like PRADAGUCCIMICHAEL KORSLOVE MOSCHINOCOACHDOLCE & GABBANA, FURLABALMAINFENDIVALENTINOLANVINCAVALLI CLASS & ITALIAN DESIGNERS, among many others.

I have built a monetization solution for digital influencers. Offering them to partner with "The Luxe Fashion Blog", promote my products and make amazing commissions for each and every sale. 

Also, I share with my community of women how to become a professional influencer. Having worked with influencers in the fashion field for more than 4 years, I can offer my experience to help all these amazing women achieve their influencer dreams, and live from their passions. 

As business woman, and company owner I am pleased to empower other women, by helping them grow in this industry, make lots of money and motivating them to achieve their dreams. 

My Story

Originally from France & Mexico, I moved to Montreal, Canada, to study a career specializing in the fashion industry & business management. With more than 14 years of experience on how to run a clothing brand, I co-founded my own beachwear company, Riviera Coco (, which is having incredible success in a short period of time. 

Feeling grateful every day!

Gaining financial freedom, and with it, the choice to live anywhere on the planet, I travel around the world. Loving the beach, I chose to spend much time in the cosmopolite, luxurious and paradisiac city of Marbella, in order to bring my bikini & beachwear brand to the next level. Now I collaborate with luxury brands from all over the world. Showing influencers how to promote my luxury brands, become financially free and transform their lifestyle. 

Being a digital nomad myself, I often travel to many destinations around the world. I am my own boss, work remotely, experiment with daily cooking, learn about photography, share my knowledge with amazing women, read a lot of self development books and do pretty much what I want, which is a dream come true.

In Mexico, I partner with the Miss Mexico Organization for my brands, and now we have Vanessa Ponce de León, Miss World, as a brand ambassador. I am so proud of what we have achieved together. 

My Passions

Let’s talk about passions. I totally love my boyfriend JL and my cute lazy cat, "Gallette". I am constantly obsessed about personal growth and doing whatever it takes to make my dreams come true. I'm doing all I can to travel to amazing destinations & learn about fashion photography, this is why I put many efforts into creating an inspiring for @luxefashionblog Instagram account

I also dream of starting-joining a movement to help clean the ocean & save turtles and bees from extinction. I want to find my own way to help the planet. 

On this online business & fashion related blog and on my social accounts, I will be sharing my experiences and what worked for me to gain this valuable freedom. I hope this will help my readers to achieve their goals. 

You are all welcome to join me on my journey and adventures!

L.O.V.E. Laura

Instagram: @LuxeFashionBlog