BRAND YOURSELF FOR SUCCESS 2/6 - Define Your Followers Profile


Become the Influencer you always wanted to be with my "Brand Yourself For Success" Tool.

 Define Your Followers Profile 

As an influencer, are you scared by public rejection and being unfollowed? 

Nothing is more painful than creating content that’s not generating any engagement AT ALL!

I have the solution to your problems 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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I’m Laura, a fashion businesswoman helping Influencers grow and make money. 

Let’s talk today about feeling rejected on social media.

This is what happens: you don’t have a clue about who you should be really targeting!

You are not giving your followers what they want or you are not targeting followers that are aligned for your type of content or style. 

I’m revealing the 2nd part of my Brand Yourself For Success Tools.

We will define together your ideal followers' profile. You will be able to create suitable content for them and attract new people or customers that you want to be interested in your brand.

We all want to attract an engaged audience that totally loves what we do and connects with our message. The better you define them, the easier it will be for you to catch their attention.

What’s your message for them?

What’s their lifestyle?

Their age, country and who they follow already?

I have built for you a very simple marketing tool, with focused questions. 

Know the difference between who is following you VS who should be following your account

You need to put yourself into their shoes, find the common interests they can have. Then you can define the tone of your communications, your content, and most importantly, where to interact with them. This information is very valuable if you want to focus your efforts con the correct platforms. 


Get the BOOST OF MOTIVATION and focus you need to keep growing.

Download this worksheet, follow the steps & voila! You have your ideal followers defined.

Start planning and creating content that is finally aligned with your ideal customer, saving time and optimizing your efforts.

Use my new tool! Remember, It for FREE if you’re subscribed to my Luxury Ambassadors Program. Start a collab with me and promote fashion and luxury brands you already love and desire from my website.

Don’t miss the other 5 parts to complete your branding!

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