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Hello Spring Breakers!

Party girls, this blog is for you.
Keep reading if you wanna know what to pack if you are among those who can keep dancing all night long, sleeping only 4 hours, and go back to the party.

In this blog, we'll see all the things you absolutely need in your luggage for a party-high spring break vacay.

Party every day, sun and very little sleep, all while always looking amazing.
For this plan, you have to wear nice clothes because of course, you are going to parties and you have to be up to it!
Start with pool parties and then attempt more exclusive nights. You want to be prepared in the best way for any plan that comes up.

Don't miss this list of what you need to bring in your suitcase for your party-hard spring break. I offer you many choices to pick the ones that best fit your silhouette and style.


1)Pretty and sexy bikini

At the beach, but with style! Choose the bikinis that make you feel more beautiful and sexy. However, be careful with the colours! If your skin is not tanned enough yet, black is always the perfect colour. 


pack-Party-spring-beak  pack-Party-spring-beak
1. Newport Bikini
Buy it here:  Newport Bikini

2. Pink Sands Bikini
Buy it here: Pink Sands Bikini


2) A classy monokini or one-piece suit 

Perfect for pool parties. It's elegant, it covers you a little more than a bikini and it's simply divine. Don't you think so?

2. Malaga One-Piece
Buy it here:  Malaga One-Piece

*Miss World 2018 @vanessaponcedeleon is wearing Palermo one-piece from @RivieraCoco
2. Palermo One-Piece
Buy it here:  Palermo One-Piece

3) Beach Dresses 

Essential: a summer dress for daytime parties, whether at the pool, the beach or a beach club. you can choose one a little more covering or one a little "lighter", depending on the location.

2. Wrap Tie Floral Maxi Dress


2. Crochet Backless Dress

Buy it here: Crochet Backless Dress

4) Beach Coverups

Imagine that you are on the beach sunbathing and you are suddenly told that a few meters away there is an incredible beach party: you need a cover up fast. You put it on, it covers you up enough and you look great. 

1. Lace Long Beach Cover Up
Buy it here: Lace Long Beach Cover Up

2. Long Beach Boho Cover up
Buy it here: Long Beach Boho Cover up


5) Beach bag

A big, roomy but fashionable bag. They have to fit all the things you need to get ready in case you suddenly find out there's a party nearby...


1. Guess - HWST74_55230
LuxeFashionBlog.com Price: YOU SAVE : €24.10
Buy it here: Guess - HWST74_55230

2. Versace Jeans - E1VTBB60_71115
LuxeFashionBlog.com Price: YOU SAVE : €69.90


6) Elegant Clutch

A little clutch for the more formal and elegant parties. 

1. Guess - HWMQ75_87690
LuxeFashionBlog.com Price: YOU SAVE : €15.05
Buy it here: Guess - HWMQ75_87690
2. Guess - HWMP75_87710
LuxeFashionBlog.com Price: YOU SAVE : €15.05
Buy it here:  Guess - HWMP75_87710

7) A pair of Elegant Heels

...And of course, a pair of heels too high and too nice to be as cool as possible. 

1. Laura Biagiotti - 6128
LuxeFashionBlog.com Price: YOU SAVE : €18.85
Buy it here: Laura Biagiotti - 6128
2. Paris Hilton - 8603
LuxeFashionBlog.com Price: YOU SAVE : €93.10
Buy it here: Paris Hilton - 8603


8) Wedges

For pool parties, we need something cool, but more stable than a heel. Platforms are by far the best option. 

1. Made in Italia - BETTA
LuxeFashionBlog.com Price: €72.45 EUR
Buy it here: Made in Italia - BETTA
2. Love Moschino - JA1604CE15IA
LuxeFashionBlog.com Price: €253.05 EUR

9) Flat Sandals

After dancing all night, what a pain in the feet! You need some nice sandals that don't take up too much space in your bag to put them on when you can't feel your feet anymore. 

1. Versace Jeans - VRBS52
LuxeFashionBlog.com Price: YOU SAVE : €45.00
Buy it here: Versace Jeans - VRBS52
2. Arnaldo Toscani - 184902
LuxeFashionBlog.com Price: YOU SAVE : €70.21

10) Sunglasses

Last but not least... sunglasses! To protect your eyes from the sun & of course hide the dark circles under the eyes of the day after...

1. Balmain - BL2119
LuxeFashionBlog.com Price: YOU SAVE : €103.05
Buy it hereBalmain - BL2119
2. Balmain - BL2118
LuxeFashionBlog.com Price: YOU SAVE : €113.05
Buy it here: Balmain - BL2118
And here we are, ready to enjoy this Spring Break! 

Please, leave me a comment and tell me if you liked this post about what to pack for the most party Spring Break ever. Did I forget any fashionable essentials? 
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