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Discover the difference and importance of the TONE and VOICE of your personal brand or company.

It is so important to define your brand’s voice to achieve loyal followers and a brand that can be recognized without any logo or written name, in all your communications.


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Let’s start by knowing the difference between tone and voice, they are often confused.


VOICE: should be consistent. This is your personality. It conveys your beliefs, your values, your character.  

TONE: Your tone of voice can change depending on the situation and what type of emotion you desire to generate in your reader or viewer. 

Your voice comes from your WHY, your personality, who your ideal followers are, what differentiates you from others and most importantly YOUR MISSION. 

Expresses a brand’s human qualities, it tells us what a company (it’s people) are all about. It’s about their DNA, transparency and who they really are. 

It helps us differentiate a company’s values from its competitors.  

Let’s see together part #4 of my Brand Yourself For Success Tools. 

Define with me The Voice You Use and keep improving your branding. 

Influencer or company owner, you NEED to define your tone of voice to build EMOTIONAL CONNECTION between you and your followers: show them you care about them, you think like them, you have the same emotions.
This connection will build TRUST because you share values. 

The way you communicate will influences how people receive your brand’s message.

In order to define your audience and how to communicate with them, use my #2 tool Brand Yourself For Success, a strong visual identity (use my #3 tool Brand Yourself For Success) and an overall tone of voice.
This should be consistent and the same in every communication you deliver.

With my new tool, you will:

  • You will define your voice on social media, depending on your audience.
  • Think about the emotional impact you want to create, your core values and beliefs and so you’ll have your guidelines to direct your content.

You’ll have a consistent brand personality overall you communications and happy and loyal followers that care about you. 

Don’t forget that as an influencer, your brand it’s you, it’s really you, with all your universe of emotions, beliefs, and values.

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