Instagrammable Coffee in Marbella


Even before landing in Marbella I was thrilled by a beautiful Instagram page suggested to me by the algorithm. Looking bright, healthy and totally trendy, I could not wait to pop in “Lagom Café”. 

This new coffee place is located in the prestigious and very exclusive “Golden Mile” at the “Hotel Puente Romano” tennis club. The ideal restaurant for healthy souls ...I say, souls, not only because the food is super nutritious, but because this place irradiates positivity and joy of living. Plates are super pretty and you can’t. just. stop. eating. I’ve been there twice in a month and can’t wait to go back. They even reposted my picture! So excited when I saw it! 

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I really enjoy the concept of this “café”, fair trade, only ingredients good for your body, organic as much as they can, perfect for vegans, vegetarians and sporty people. That may be your new prefered place to take Instagram-style coffees with your friends. 

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I could not resist and ordered a fashionista “Chanel style” coffee. 

As you know I am a fan of smoothie bowls. I tried the tropical one, with coconut, pineapple, banana and acai berries: super fresh and delicious! As good as it looks. Jean's Mexican style chicken was perfectly cooked, big portion full of grilled veggies, ideal for men. 

I promise to go back soon and take more pictures for you. 

Visit this place and let me know what you tried ;) 

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Live a happy healthy life!


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Laura blogLaura blog