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 Unboxing Time! 

I decided to make myself a present. I ordered something really special from my online shop Luxe Fashion Blog

 We’ll unpack a luxury bag I fell in love with when I saw it. I also thought it might be interesting to unbox several luxury brand products sold on Luxe Fashion Blog and talk a little about the history of these brands. 

Check this video to see how orders from the website arrive, in which conditions and how they’re packed. 

All the brands we sell on the website have a history that teaches us how and why they have achieved success & which are the values and beliefs that define them.

As retailers, we share those values and make them our own: that's why I want to dedicate some time to talk about them.

As you have seen in the title, today's unboxing will be about Trussardi Italian brand!

Trussardi Group born in Bergamo in 1911. They started as a workshop, producing and distributing luxury gloves. The company became a very successful business in the global accessories market, so much so that it was appointed an official supplier to the British royal family.

The strong points of the Trussardi brand have always been the most refined leatherworking processes combined with continuous research into new clothing and material manufacturing techniques. So, over the years, this Italian brand’s reputation grew, and Trussardi began the expansion in costumes for theatre, collaborating with the Piccolo Teatro theatre in Milan.

Now Trussardi is a brand operating in the contemporary luxury goods sector, specialized in craftsmanship and leatherworking, blending the culture and awareness of its history with a modern vision. 


What most defines the brand is the expression of contemporary luxury, inspired by the dynamic metropolitan setting around them and by focusing on upcoming trends and modern-day lifestyle. It's developed around those brand’s key concepts: Tradition, research, and continuous innovation. 

This is my new Trussardi bag! 



As you can see, the price is crazy! From 220€ to 104€ and I saved 116€. I got a 53% reduction for this blue handbag that's from this season and you can find it in Trussardi stores too. What do you think? Do you like it? 

trussardi catalogue

It is a navy blue leather hand bag, perfect for every occasion. Can’t wait to use it! 


I have other Trussardi products, like this pink bag I got for last Summer and a rabbit fur scarf to survive Canadian winter.

I like both of them a lot, the quality is evident. 


With Luxe Fashion Blog is this easy: looking for Christmas presents is not a nightmare anymore!







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