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Cute Sexy Warm Nude Makeup STEP BY STEP 

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to this new section of LuxeFashionBlog: Makeup Ideas.
I'm really excited.

Makeup, together with fashion, are part of my passions and I hope you'll be pleased to see here in the blog a bit of makeup inspiration, it's something different from outfits but complementary and always related to the beauty world.

The other day I found this image on Pinterest and what can I say, I fell in love with this look. Do you want to learn how to recreate it step by step?

Read this blog! We will see not only how to recreate this makeup but also which products to use to get the best results. 
If you like them, just click the picture or the name of the products to get them in the US, Mexico, Canada, UK, and many other countries. 


Let's get started!


1. Two obligatory steps before all makeup: cleaning and moisturizing.

Our skin must be perfectly clean to avoid the appearance of imperfections created by the lack of hygiene in our skin. Choose the type of cleanser that best suits your skin.

Next step: Moisturize your face.
You won't get your skin to look radiant if you don't apply moisturizer before starting your makeup.
Keep your skin feeling healthy and hydrated when you make this customizable YOU·OLOGY moisturizing trio part of your skin care at home. Select three boosters to mix into each base for completely personalized skin care. Replenish your skin with the cleanser, then apply the hydrating day moisturizer or nourishing night cream for a refreshed, moisturized glow.

2. Start with the primer!

Primers have become one of the essential steps to achieve a perfect finish. They help you prepare your skin before the foundation, to cover the pores, to hide the small imperfections. Play with your primer tone to improve the look of your skin.

You can choose whether to apply it with a brush or with your fingers: in this case, I recommend you to use the 👉TOUCH GLORIOUS face primer: is transparent and you can apply it with your fingers.

3. The perfect foundation

For this makeup, we want to achieve a very matte finish so we can use The 👉YOUNIQUE TOUCH stick foundation. It can be used as a medium-to-full coverage foundation with a velvety finish. 
You can FIND YOUR SHADE HERE, on this well created online tool.

Starting at the center of your face, apply the YOUNIQUE TOUCH stick foundation directly to the skin, blending in around the nose, chin, and forehead. To blend it, use a sponge or a kabuki brush.

4. Focus on the concealer now.

Choose a lighter shade: it better be lighter than foundation. 
Apply 👉TOUCH MINERAL skin-perfecting concealer in a triangle shape from the lower lashes.

You can FIND YOUR SHADE HERE, easy to use online tool.

This is in case you don't need a color correction. In a next post we will talk about the color correction of dark circles and imperfections.

5. Keep it matte!

To keep the foundation from going matt for longer and prevent it from shining due to sebum, we fix it with 👉TOUCH BEHOLD translucent setting powder.

6. Time for contouring!


The girl in the picture has a very marked and defined contouring.
Use the 👉SCULPTING TRIO highlight & contour palette to get the same effect.
The darker color is applied just below the cheekbones, under the jaw and on the forehead: imagine you want to frame the face.

Especially on the forehead, start well from the hairline and remember, blend it again and again!

7. Peach it up!

We'll blend the contour with a dark, warm peach blush to lengthen the sculpting effect of the bronzer. Use 👉MOODSTRUCK pressed blusher in the shade: Supple- Peach Shimmer to achieve the same result of the picture.

8. Shine bright!

To finish the face, don't forget the highlighter. Let's use 👉TOUCH À LA MODE powder luminizer in the shade Benevolent- Golden Frost, applying it with a brush: we want to obtain a delicate pearl effect that would be lost if we applied it with our fingers (the result would be more "juicy").

9. Eye makeup

eye makeup

It's a not too complicated eye trick, warm nude tones.
First, apply a good primer to ensure the best eye shadow yield and durability. The 👉MOODSTRUCK primer is slightly coloured and will give uniformity to the eyelid. You will see how your makeup will last until the end of the day!

Apply color 1 from the 👉MOODSTRUCK ADDICTION shadow palette No. 4 with a flat brush and spread it over the entire mobile eyelid, right under the eyebrow arch.

Take a shading brush and spread the color 2 in the fold of the eye, stopping a little before the inner corner.
Instead, use color 3 on the outside of the mobile eyelid and stop in half, trying to achieve a darker to lighter shade effect from the outer corner to the middle of the eye.

Insist on shading the entire crease of the eye with the color 4 with a small shading brush to give even more depth to the eye.

Take the highlighter and apply it just under the eyebrow, in the inner corner of the eye, and on the mobile eyelid.

For the lower shade, take eye shadow  7 and blend the lower part with color 3 to obtain a smoky effect.

10. Show your cat eyes!

Use 👉xDIP & DRAW eyeliner: the intense and matte black will leave you speechless! Try to stretch the tail outwards to get this "cat-eye" look.

11. AMAZING eyelashes

The girl in the picture is definitely wearing a pair of false eyelashes... BUT if you use this 4D mask, you won't need it!
This is considered one of the best mascaras in the world. 
👉MOODSTRUCK EPIC 4D one-step fiber mascara: one‑step fiber mascara combines Y‑shaped fibers and a specially engineered two-sided brush to interlock fibers for lash volume, length, and lift like you’ve never seen in real life.

Better than falsies and it takes no time to achieve the same volume effect! 

12. The combo you totally need!

13. 90’ vibes

lips makeup

The girl's lips in the photo are super revival: as in the 90s, she uses a brown pencil for the lip contour, the 👉MOODSTRUCK PRECISION pencil lip liner in the shade "Prudent", coming out a little bit from the rim.

Fill the lips with a clear nude liquid lipstick like 👉MOODSTRUCK SPLASH liquid lipstick in the “Subtle” shade.


14. Fix it all!

We finish our makeup with a fixing spray. The 👉TOUCH BEHOLD setting spray will ensure that your makeup remains intact even after a long day, or night dancing ;)

Do you like this makeup? Will you try to do it?
And, for which occasion would you wear it? A prom? A wedding or a party?
Tell me in a comment below! 

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